The Dilemma Of Australian Immigration Control

One of the biggest issues that Australian immigration officials have dealt with in recent years is that immigration control. And as the number of of people that gets into Australia keeps increasing every year, this is actually getting even much harder for authorities to deal with. Sadly, this is not helped by the conflicting viewpoints of many people in the country has. Deciding on who is allowed to enter the country is perhaps the the must difficult aspect of this issue. We only need to look back at the country's immigration history in order to see how things got really complicated.

In the early years of Australia's establishment as country, it experienced significant economic boom. Thus, in order to make good use of this development, the government encouraged migrants from other countries to come to Australia. However, as the immigrants did come in in significant number, this move eventually led to competition with the local people who then clamored for control over the influx of immigrants. In response, the government then decide to set up stricter policies on immigrants, which was inevitably denounced by both immigrants and locals alike as being too suppressive.

As you can see, the issue of immigration control in Australia is a rather tight one. As the Australian government tries to meet the demands of the country, it has to walk a tight balance between what would be beneficial to the Australian population as whole and what the Aussies themselves would want. And this actually gets even tighter as modern issues comes into play.

One of such issues is that of global terrorism. As the world is gripped by fear as to where the next terror attack will happen, Australia tries hard to secure its borders. It carefully screens incoming immigrants to determine potential terrorist elements. However, as it attempts to do its best on this part, concerns are being raised about its selective nature, shutting out people who have to right to enter the country, simply because they come from places suspected of terrorism. This have actually led the Australian government to walk the tightrope again.

It is not surprising that the issue has become such a hot topic in Australia. It has between fiercely debated by both sides of the government, and it has become a favorite material among commentators and experts. However, it would be interesting to know its effects on the immigrants themselves. For the most part, it would be a rather minor hassle on the visa application. But for those immigrants that are greatly affected by immigration control, it might actually be the end of their hopes for a better life in Australia.


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