Why Use an Immigration Lawyer?

Why do I need an Australian immigration lawyer when all I want is a visa? As specialist Australian Immigration Lawyers right here in Sydney, Australia, we are often asked ‘why does a person need an immigration lawyer when all they want is a visa?’ which, can be done by a Migration Agent.

The answer is a simple one: With Australian immigration law being as strict as it is, it costs more to fix an incorrect Australian visa application than it does to do it right the first time. In a visa application every question and answer matters and are all vital for visa in Australia being accepted. The quality and strength of submissions, evidence and documents put in support of a visa application, can be the difference between being granted a visa for Australia or being refused one.

 An Australian visa subclass is a creature of law, knowing that immigration law for the specific country (in this case Australia) and how it applies to a client’s factual situation is the key to making a strong and appropriate visa application. If a client is truly confident and feels they can trust and rely on their lawyer, they are more comfortable to tell the full and true story. It is only then the immigration lawyer or migration agent can advise accurately as to the appropriate application, the next best step or strategy or application to the court. Of course the knowledge of immigration law, professionalism and expertise that an accredited specialist has is the cornerstone.

We know people that have wasted thousands of dollars pursing useless actions in courts or that have been forced to leave Australia when, if advised correctly and followed the right strategy, they could have been granted a visa and ultimately gained permanent residence and Australian citizenship.  What is why the Migration Agents Registration Authority is advertising in community newspapers, advising people that they should always get a second opinion, to make sure they have explored all the available options and been given the best immigration advice and corrective visa strategy.

What is the cost of hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

The next important question is cost. When hiring an immigration lawyer, you and the lawyer agree a price up front and the immigration lawyer sticks to that price! There are no hidden costs, no surprises and definitely no tricks. More importantly, if you get it right first time, you avoid spending thousands of dollars just any problems that will occur with an incorrect visa application.  Getting the appropriate visa or subclass and avoiding refusal or deportation is essential to continuing or starting your life in Australia. 

Having your matter dealt with by specialists is to ensure that you that you obtain the best and desired out come and don’t waste money on unwarranted, unnecessary or unattainable applications. Your future in Australia depends on the quality of the migration advice and assistance you receive. By using an Australian Immigration Lawyer you are assured of ethical, professional accurate and up-to-date Australian immigration advice.


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