Has Australia Got it all Wrong with the Boat Refugees?

Author: Laurance Murray

Has Australia Got it all Wrong with the Boat Refugees?

Australia has a lot of problems with refugees arriving on boats from Asian countries. They have tried many costly ways to prevent them coming, and if they get here try to process them offshore to avoid other issues.

The would be immigrants show a lot of courage and drive to even attempt the long journey in small boats and I wonder why Australia would try so hard to deter people that would surely be such good citizens. Obviously we do not want criminals entering Australia but they would be more likely to arrive by plane than risk a perilous boat voyage.

The illegal immigrants are often held for months or longer while the authorities decide whether they are genuine refugees or undesirables which causes a lot of distress to the people and a lot of expense to the nation. Have we got it all wrong?

Maybe we should be attacking the problem in a new way. What if Australia decided that these courageous people are very desirable immigrants and allowed them much easier and quicker access to our country and used other means to protect us from undesirables and criminals.

Perhaps we could prevent these immigrants from becoming naturalised for five or more years and if they were convicted of any crime before being naturalised, immediately deport them back to the country they came from.

There would probably not be any trouble in the camps housing the immigrants as they would be processed quickly and humanely but if there was trouble surely the culprits could be deported on the next plane available. People rioting and burning cars and buildings would not be tolerated and how many would attempt to if they knew the consequence would be immediate deportation.

Many people have used the refugee problem to advance their own causes with over simplified solutions to the problem of the boat people. Statements like "Meet the boats and turn them around and make them go back." Desperate people will not willingly turn back and how do you force them. In the past the boats have been deliberately sunk by the crew. Do we let them drown? Do we shoot them?

There could be reasons that some solutions would not work but we need some new ideas on a way to solve the problem as we are getting it wrong now. Australia could welcome these immigrants as people that would assimilate into our way of life, not try to change our ways and customs as some other arrivals do. It would be great if we could deport some of our home grown criminals wouldn't it.

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