Australia's Travel Advisory Updates

If you're planning to apply for travel visas to Australia or you have already an application for Australian visa or your ETA for Australia, please read first these travel advisory updates so that you will be prepared for what to expect when you reach Australia. Australia has released its travel advisory updates and these are the following: The revised EU-wide security measures that that were adapted by all passengers departing from UK airports since November 2006 have also been implemented in Australia. 

Tropical Cyclones have recently hit some parts of Australia mainly in Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. The Cyclone season generally occurs during the months of November to April. However, around midnight on 2-3 February 2011, severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi crossed the North Queensland coast. It was said to be the strongest Cyclone ever to hit Australia in recent years, causing significant damage to large areas. 

Heavy rain and flooding throughout Australia had been seen in recent months. This includes northern Western Australia, northern New South Wales, northern Tasmania, and western and northern Victoria. With an area the size of France and Germany flooded, Queensland suffered the worst floods. Three-quarters of Queensland has stated a disaster zone, with 200,000 people affected, and a number of deaths across the State. 

Extremely meticulous in their efforts to keep out any pests and diseases that could affect animal, plant, and human health, Australian authorities have ordered all luggage to be x-rayed on arrival, whether arriving by plane with visitors or by mail. Further inspection, treatment is done to any items of quarantine concern and if necessary, they are confiscated and destroyed. The Australian authorities will undertake harsh action against anyone who imports or is trafficking illegal substances. 

If prosecuted, a lengthy jail sentence will be meted out and for non-Australian nationals is usually deportation at the end of their sentence. Though Australia has a recognized tradition of tolerance towards homosexuality; however, Australian authorities reported that there are still isolated incidents of homophobic related crimes. So, gay and lesbian travelers are warned to be aware of local sensitivities particularly when visiting rural communities. 

Australia is still experiencing general threat from terrorism. Attacks are random including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers as seen in the subsequent assaults on Indian college students studying in Australia which were reportedly described as being racially motivated. So after reading all these travel advisories, now you would be ready to land in Australia and enjoy your stay in the land down under. 

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