Tips for shifting to Australia

Australia is among the best destination to live in the world. The high living standards and the better job opportunities can be a reason. The country is commonly known for its easy life going and friendly population and the same rights to the migrants. We can say that this is the main reason for the increase in the migration to Australia in the recent years. So whatever be your reason, if you are determined to make your way to Australia, then these tips will be handy and can help you a lot.
  • Visa needs: If you are not a citizen of New Zealand then you will be needing a proper visa to enter into the country. Be accurate in the subclass you apply for, as this will be the base for the acceptance or rejection of your application.

  • The common norms for the migration: Each and every government has its own set of norms that are required to be fulfilled in order to migrate to the country, Australia is no exception. So if you are planning to migrate to Australia then search out the norms laid down by the Division of Immigration and Citizenship of the federal government of the Australia. Following the right category and listing of the reasons can make the immigration for Australia easier.

  • Money transfer: The best thing about Australia is that it allows you to transfer your funds in the Australian financial institutions before truly moving there. But it is necessary to look out for the best exchange rates.

  • Place of residence: There are the same rules for the real estate customers whether they are local residents or migrants. Recently the home operator grant has been increased to $14,000 from $7,000 to fight the impacts of the credit crunch.

  • Family merchandise transfer: All your goods and home posts are subjected to Australian Quarantine Inspection Services. Hence is necessary to get all the goods completely verified and documented to escape any future hurdles. Important note: all the migrants should use Type B534 of customs, inventory checklist to claim for your goods. A duplicate copy of the passport and the visa is also to be submitted with the form.

  • Transportation: The migrants are expected to have a valid Australian Driving licence with a maximum of 3months' grace period. If you own an international driving licence, then also you must undergo a published test and eye test to make sure the validity of your licence. There is the facility of public transport but to own a car is a better option. Buying a vehicle from a second hand dealer can add too much to your savings.

  • Buying the stuff: As you now have shifted to Australia and to settle your home you must be needing to buy some stuff. There are lots of shopping malls but they can be a bit expensive so it it is better to go for the bargain shops that can provide you the best items at cheaper prices.

This tips can be very helpful to you during Australia migration and before migration as well. For other details you can check your immigration consultant.


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