Immigrating to Australia: What You Need to Know

Australia is such a wonderful country. It is no wonder that people may want to immigrate to the country, or even just to spend a few days’ visit in it. However, it is not always easy to get a visa and permission to enter Australia. You need a very excellent guide who will more or less walk you through the process and prepare you for actual application of a visa.

Selecting a Visa

The first step to applying for a visa for immigration to Australia is to know what kind of visa you will be applying for. There are several visas available for entry to Australia, each of them meant for a specific type of applicant. These visas include:

Worker visa

The worker visa itself has different types of visas available. There is a specific visa for doctors or nurses, for people who are sponsored by employers in Australia, as well as seamen and airmen entering Australia.

Family visa

This is for people who are moving into Australia or just visiting the country via petition by family members that are already permanent residents of Australia. This is also for people who have married an Australian citizen and would wish to move to the country. These visas are just but a few of the many specific visas available for immigrating to Australia. Find out which of these visas you are most likely eligible for, and then start applying.

Start Applying

Actual application for the visa can be facilitated through the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs’ website. They have application forms available at the site. You only need to fill it up and follow the instructions indicated. You may think your application is done after this, but no, not yet. You have to send in supporting documents that will prove your eligibility and qualification to move to Australia. There are different documents that may be required depending on your application and the type of visa you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a student visa, you will need to send in proof of your enrollment in an Australian university. This includes your Letter of Offer and your Confirmation of Enrollment. These are documents provided by the University after you have completed all the necessary steps for enrollment. On the other hand, if you are married to an Australian and are moving to the country as part of the marriage, you have to provide supporting evidence of your relationship and marriage. These requirements would include your marriage contract, proofs of joint accounts such as electric bills, water bills, and a joint bank account, among others.

Being third in the World Health Organization’s list of countries with the best performance in health care, Australia is very strict about health issues concerning people entering their borders. As part of your application, you would need to complete a medical checkup carried out by the Australian embassy’s accredited physicians in every country. After these steps are carried out, it’s purely a waiting game. However, relax. As long as you have been thorough in completing the requirements and submitting the necessary documents, you will be getting a visa and move to Australia in no time.


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