Holiday Gifts you Simply Must Get From Australia

It's that time of the year again when people scurry to the malls and grab the first available merchandise on the shelf that could adequately pass for a gift. Yes, gift-giving is fun, but sometimes it becomes obligatory. Fortunately, the adage “It's the thought that counts”, still rings true. So, the next time you rummage for the perfect holiday gift, think hard. Or that may not even be necessary anymore since listed below are just some of the neat gifts exclusive to Australia which you could give your loved ones.

Boomerangs. Much better if they are the returning kind, since, of course, that's what they are made for. Boomerangs in Australia are personalized and engraved by authentic aboriginal artists, and each artwork is a masterpiece. Note that boomerangs are still a weapon though, so do your throwing only in a wide open area where there are no other people around. To throw a boomerang: simply hold in right hand almost vertically with arms pointing forward. Grip close to end with its rounded side facing you, then throw at approximately 30 degrees to wind direction, with a flicking, wrist-twist motion.

Animal plush toys. Koala, Platypus, Kangaroos, Wombats, Kookaburras, Emus, and lots of other animals only the Land Down Under has under its wings. Surely, everyone has a home in their heart for a stray adorable koala stuffed toy, or a charmingly behaved kangaroo doll. Digeridoos and Clapsticks. The didgeridoo is a musical instrument of the Aboriginal peoples, consisting of a long hollow branch or stick that makes a deep drone when blown. Clap sticks, meanwhile, accompany didgeridoos and provide the rythm to make the most brilliant earthen music. Both digeridoos and clapsticks are hand-painted and burnt by Aboriginal Artists, and they sound full and rich for any occasion.

Merino wool. Knitted into most gorgeous of clothings including hand-knitted sweaters and jackets, as well as beautiful soft blankets and bedding. Australia's 101 million merino sheep yields the longest, not to mention luscious wool fibres in the world. Always look for the Pure New Wool label to guarantee quality. Australian flowers. The warm Australian climate breeds an almost endless, lovely and exciting array of flowers: kangaroo paw, eucalyptus gumnut, banksia, peppercorn, leucosperum, and wattle, just to name a few. Freshly delivered to your loved one's doorsteps, a uniquely Australian bouquet of flowers sends all your warmest holiday greetings where no words can do. For best results, deliver your gifts personally. After all, it's the thought that may count, but your presence definitely speaks louder.


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